About Postgres Ibiza

International conference

English-only! We expect attendees from all around the world.

Community Event

Organized by the non-for-profit Fundación PostgreSQL.

Networking, networking

Unique, relaxed, cozy environment for networking. Take the hallway track to the beach!


Central, big location for products and services information, demos. Show off!


Bring Your Own Family. Come earlier, stay for longer. Best time of the year in one of the best Summer locations in the world.

Palacio de Congresos de Ibiza

Santa Eulalia Des Ríu
Illes Balears, Spain

Early bird tickets

Hurry up! Few tickets available.

Mediterranean Food

Mediterranean diet: the healthiest in the world.

Past Editions

Postgres Ibiza 2019 was the first ever Postgres Conference on the Beach. Postgres Ibiza was born as a conference for thinkers, and that's what it was: a unique conference where attendees had up to five days of events and Postgres talks to discuss about the past, present and future of Postgres.

It was a fantastic conference, which an outstanding number of attendees claimed to be "their best Postgres conference ever". We aim to organize in 2023 an even better conference :)

Past Editions

Organizer Committee

Organizer Committee

PostgreSQL Ibiza is an independent conference, run by Fundación PostgreSQL, a non-profit Foundation established in Spain. It is an international conference. And more importantly, it is a Community Conference.

Profit from the conference will be used to organize next year’s conference in Ibiza. As well as translating the Postgres documentation into Spanish, the second most used language worldwide. No staff at Postgres Ibiza event receives any payment for their work.

Organization Board
  • Álvaro Hernández Tortosa, Fundación PostgreSQL, President
  • César Calvo Pinilla, Fundación PosgtgreSQL, Treasurer
  • Diana Rodríguez Jiménez
  • Olesya Saletska
  • Luis García